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China Hi-tech Fair 2012 is held in Shenzhen this week
China Hi-tech Fair 2012 is held in Shenzhen this week. Hi-tech companies from China and overseas show to each other as well as thousands of visitors their latest products and new technology. Smart LED lamps and lighting control systems have been coming into applicaion for residetial lighting and commercial lighting.
Such kind of smart lamps include LED bulbs, LED T8 tubes, LED Panel lights ect. With special interior wiring and module added, the lamps can control the brightness automatically according to the necessity, thus saving energy by more than 80% compared even with normal constant lighting LED lamp, regardless of conventional fluorescent lamps.
Automatical lighting system for residential lighting and commercial lighting shows its magic in the connection with a PC or cell phone. Next time when you see a guy, with only his cell phone, adjust his office lighting, TV set and wall lamp or else, do not show him your surprised face.