Shenzhen ELE Lighting Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Shenzhen ELE Lighting Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to creating Elegant lifestyle for customers at home and abroad with the latest LED lighting technology and luminaires, located in Shenzhen, China. 
The company is composed of specialized engineers and experienced working staffs, which has been engaged in OEM/ODM service for years,  now covering a series of activities, from regular products manufacturing, to specific product designing(PCB layout, LED driver designing, heat sink designing,ect.), and smart light solution customizing.
Main products in ELE lighting range from residential lighting to commerical lighting, including LED T8 Tubes,LED Panels, Down light, Bulbs, LED Flexible strips, LED Flood light, LED Industrial light, Wall washer, ect.
People in ELE lighting would like to share with partners and customers  the lastest innovations and technology, making it a better world with joint efforts from each other. ELE lighting would always like to provide the most suitable solution for the customers, with its powerful team efforts.
ELE lighting is concerned about the end users' feelings;
ELE lighting cares also about the clients' marketing success;
ELE lighting cares about product quality and its due time delivery;
ELE lighting would like to keep a long term business cooperation with all partners.
ELE lighting will always contribute its limited efforts to the global Green Lighting Evolution.