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Product name : LED T8 Tube light
Item : ELE-LEDT8W060F1
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ELE 0.6m 9W T8 LED Tube light is an eco-friend replacement of fluorescent tube light, with 3 years warranty.

Our new LED T8 Tube has many special advantages:

1.Wide viewing angle: from 180degree to 330degree;
2. High lumens output: 100~110lm/W;
3. High power factor: >0.95;
4. Simple installation:  no need of wiring retrofit;
5. High quality LED driver and OMD LED: maintaning high luminance and low light decaying;
6. Smooth lighting output, feels like fluorescent light, but save energy by more than 70%;

1.House ( living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom )
2. School, University, Hospital, Hote
3. Conference, Meeting room, Show room, Showcase
4. Commercial Complexes
5. Factories, Plants, Warehouses, Offices
6. Super-market, Department store

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